Students Working

This project is the first time in the world high school students have attempted to document and present a digital preservation model of historic artifacts. When contacted in 2013 by Los Adobes, the EAST ( Environmental and Spatial Technologies) class at Santa Ynez High School began their work. This unique program is under the direction of Tony Bauer and Santa Barbara ROP with Ronald Chip Fenenga teaching the class.

Students used the Faro laser scanner to map historic coaches, carriages and wagons. These are accurate to under one millimeter and the data is available for enjoyment. future researchers, artists and historians. Students also photographed and used video to record and document these historic and important items.

The local students eagerly took on the task and created the website for the enjoyment, preservation and historic documentation of this wonderful traditional SY Valley event. We hope to continue this and add to this collection as needed.

Please be aware that this site and all on it was done entirely by students. We greatly appreciate the help and support of Los Adobes, the Santa Ynez Historical Museum, ROP, and Santa Ynez High School. The students that worked the summer of 2013 are Russ Fenenga, Julia Callow, Kaitlyn Beaton, Melissa Moniot,  and Sarah Fenenga.

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